Wine 101<br/>MON, Sept 24th<br/>7:30-9:00pm
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Wine 101
MON, Sept 24th

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A fun and informative introduction to the wide world of wine and how to appreciate its treasures! In this class, we will cover how to taste and experience wine, learn about some of the classic and widely produced wine types and grape varietals, as well as journey through various wine-producing countries and regions. Together we will learn the differences between wine body styles, oak versus no oak aging, Old World style compared to New World style, and many other topics!

We will plan on tasting through at least 8 wines as well as enjoy some delectable cheese. So bring an open mind and palate and prepare for an enlightening evening of great wine and cheese! Who knew learning could be such fun?

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Wine Buyer, Carter Dyer