housemade pickled vegetables . 5

sweet marcona almonds, herbes de provence spice blend . 6

marinated castelvetrano olives, calabrian chilis, orange peel, garlic, herbs . 6

bread on the side . 2


housemade focaccia + Achadinha cultured butter . 6

pimento cheese . 11
traditional southern cheese spread using Hooks 5-year cheddar, served with fresh veggies + Rustic Bakery sea salt crackers

mezze . 13 / 18
roasted veggies with your choice of marinated Essex feta or Rogue Creamery smokey blue cheese dip served with warmed bread . small / medium


romano bean and cauliflower . 13
marinated romano beans and purple cauliflower, crispy garbanzo beans, toasted hazelnuts, herbed Bellwether Farms créme fraîche


american artisan grilled cheese sandwich . 11
Point Reyes Farmstead toma, Nicasio Valley san geronimo, Hook's 5-year cheddar on country bread + pickles
add prosciutto spread + 2

salami and cheese . 13
Red Table Francois genoa salami, Point Reyes Farmstead toma, Pepper Delight jalapeno jam, pickled red onion, arugula on country bread


mac + cheese . 12
Mahon reserva, Red Barn 5-year cheddar, and french raclette + bread crumbs

meatballs . 15
pork, lamb, and Berthaut époisses + creamed chard, gremolata, pickled red onion

mega mezze . 42
to share at the table: cheese, charcuterie, roasted veggies, olives, marinated feta, accompaniments, bread